Finding purpose: A truly, simply complikaited transition

The need for this post has been building within me over the last couple months or so, but fear not—I finally got past my simply complikaited, indecisive ways and made a decision. I’m now ready and excited to get it out there and inform you faithful followers.

So here’s the thing…

I will never not be simply complikaited at my core. I feel as though it has just become a rather descriptive and endearing nickname for myself. Although, the funny thing is, it used to be something that drove me nuts about myself. I acted as if appreciating the simple, but finding ways to complicate it was somehow a massive character flaw worth self-shaming. [We can all be pretty nice to ourselves, eh?]

Well, needless to say, that is certainly just not true.

What taught me is that there is grace in disorder, freedom in full expression, mercy over judgement, and incredible beauty in staying true to yourself.

The more simply complikaited I allowed myself to be, the more honest, genuine, open, joyful, vulnerable, relatable and authentic I became (#workinprogress though, let’s keep it real).

This blog has been with me for yearsssssss. It’s served as a faithful, creative outlet and has carried me through the highest of highs and (you guessed it)–the lowest of lows. It taught me not to fear that pendulum swing, but rather to embrace those periods of transition as divine growth moments.

I believe that these growth moments are in fact, gifts from our Creator. They’ve enabled me to see something new; things that I wasn’t able to see before. They’ve been moments of impartation and authority, where God’s oh-so-softly spoken commands like: “Look. This way. Now. Go.

And it’s like ohhhhhhhhright. There it is. This is it. 

These moments of newfound insight took my affection for novelty from being something with a price tag (ie: new things), to a priceless journey of discovering new things about myself…and others.

The best part is, the journey doesn’t end here. Not in an exhausting way, but in an exhilarating one. In a way that changes what could be seen as a rigid business trip into an epic adventure (Bob Goff).

Although these moments of discovery come with great knowledge—they’re not always without heartache. For me, this learning process is often endured & embraced through cognizant reflection, the expression of writing, and the accountability of sharing with you all as my audience.

[…aka, the entire somewhat weird concept of blogging.]

Yet I’m grateful and encouraged by blogging more so now than ever, and have no intention of stopping. I honestly don’t think I could even if I tried. I’d have about 50 drafted “Notes” on my iPhone filled with moments of epiphany and simply complikaited antics at any given moment and absolutely nothing else to do with them.

Yes, this is my kind of crazy […to each their own].

Time to Unveil A New Website Home allowed me to find purpose in some of the hardest times I’ve faced, by giving me a passion & vision for empowering others to find that something greater within themselves, too. I once read there is something more valuable than safety and security–for it is trust. By trusting this long-term vision and asking God to keep sharpening it, I feel confident, ready and available for what’s next.

In essence, is a huge part of where I’ve been & who I am today, but it doesn’t seem to encompass where I’m going. As I’ve grown and stepped into a new season of my career, personal life, and professional development, I’ve decided to lump all of these spaces into one outlet; less creatively and quite simply ‘branded’ as “kaitlyn v. hiltz“, or

Yes, just my name. Woop-de-doo.

Yet something about putting your name to something, invites all the more meaning and passion into your work. It’s not about self-branding or self-promotion, but about using your voice. It’s about doing something with what you’ve been given…and doing it well. Because I’ve also come to learn that “quality is the best business plan, period”.

Throughout this next stepping stone, I welcome your e-couragement as I continue my writing and goal getting over at

I would love for you to stay along for the ride on my journey and I’d be honored (like really, really stoked) if you followed me on over to the new site, too. You can subscribe via email or as a fellow WordPress member at the bottom of the homepage, here

I’m not going to worry about importing prior email lists or followers (crazy, I know), but we can all benefit from scratching the old and building the new. I’m faithful and expectant that will reach those it’s meant to engage, regardless. will stick around and be accessible for a little while. You will also be able to access a list of previous posts from it on the new site, here, but I may eventually redirect the site to solely

On the new page, you can expect to hear a lot about:

  • my faith walk (errr dance… let’s dance it out, together)
  • my ongoing career in strategic communications (ie: social media, marketing, PR, business/entrepreneurship, & leadership)
  • my research + opinion pieces delving into the intersection of popular culture & Christianity; young adult outreach + vital relationships, and all things #growthmindset

These subjects will form the foundation & basis for the really, really exciting things to come on the horizon.

I am also available for various Services + Expertise (ie: freelance consulting) and would love for you to get in touch if I can meet a need of yours. Even if not, shoot me message & let’s talk about what you’re up to!

2016 has already been a year of leaning in, staying open, and merging my “what’s next” with God’s—in His faithful timing.

Ever-expectantly & forever #simplycomplikaited, the best is yet to come


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  1. So excited to continue reading on your new site and incredibly expectant to see where it will take you! Thank you for always being inspiring and honest in all your posts! You’re gonna kill it! Xx

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