on job changes, new seasons & a forever growth mindset

As promised, I have a bit of a life update to share with you all! Life is exciting, ya?

After 3+ years of wearing stretchy pants to work everyday, taking more yoga + fitness classes than I can count, writing (& rewriting) my vision + goals over and over again, meeting crazy-inspiring ambassadors, and working a retail floor alongside some of the kindest, most genuine people I’ve yet to meet–an unexpected, new door has opened.

And if I’ve learned anything, it’s when the good Lord calls and invites you to take another step in the direction of your God-sized dream, you say YES—boldly, faithfully, fearlessly without asking [too many 😜] questions.

I’m honored and excited to say I’ll be taking my next step as the Manager of Communications + Special Projects & Administration for Regent University’s Center for Entrepreneurship [mouthful, I know].


It’s a part-time position, that in conjunction with finishing my Masters program, was a straight answer to prayer for bringing some balance back into my life. Especially since I would’ve never even considered a part-time job, until this was put right under my nose. #overachiever 

I quickly learned we’re not meant to live maxed out, constantly tired, overtly stressed lives; unable to find time for stillness, rest and connection. Creating a little bit of margin in my day-to-day became not just desirable but nonnegotiable.

Your spirit + health are two things you cannot afford to risk.

I’m grateful beyond words for my time, experiences, development, and the PEOPLE at lululemon. The collective is growing bigger by the day and I’m forever touched and better for being a part of it.

I honest-to-God wouldn’t be where I am today–mentally, physically, and emotionally if it wasn’t for lululemon. It allowed me to refine and reaffirm, over and over again-where I was strong and where my work was cut out me, in a positive, uplifting environment.

It helped me overcome a serious bout with depression and an associated period of disordered eating & deprivation. It gave me confidence in a lot of areas, and it had me choke down feedback I would have preferred to ignore. Once a lifelong career progression I saw for myself there, became an incubator, equipping me for where I’d need to be now and what I’d need to step into next.

In reflection, I’m blown away with how He finds a way to carve territories, connect the dots, and present opportunities at exactly the right time–as long as we keep our ear attuned to His still, quiet voice.

When I say voice, I don’t exactly mean an audible one. I mean the one that moves and stirs your heart, the one that changes something that was [or wasn’t] once there, into something greater. The one that by seeking after all He has in store for you, allows the troubles that once plagued your life to be a thing of the past, and find peace in your soul.

There’s a balance of reflection and future-minded thinking–one that allows us to become present to the work God is actively doing everyday, and frankly, the amount he can do in a brief calendar year. We don’t notice a plant growing, but when we let it be and come back to it, we see how it’s blossomed.


Because more so than job changes, titles, and new career paths, I’m in awe of what God has done and has been doing in my own heart & life over the past 365 days.

The broken record phrase that’s been playing in my head is He is so faithful, He is so faithful. 

 Right when we think there’s no way He possibly hears our prayers or knows the desires of our hearts, he says:

 “Here. Now. Go.”

Even if the going is into something different, at a different time than we originally thought.

Job changes are those seemingly scary things known as growth moments, that become a lot less scary when we shift our focus to forever maintaining a #growthmindset.

The dance of a believer is in not always knowing the next move but in letting Him walk it out. Harnessing the courage to say: I’ll see it when I believe it. 

Faith has never been about only believing when physically seeing (blepo), or when you’re able to rationalize it (theoria), but when you catch a vision for it & just GET IT (eido) [Steve Kelly].

“Having faith means that we don’t see or have any natural proof of what tomorrow may hold. We believe for good things, we expect good things, and we wait on God. We may be disappointed occasionally [by people, settings, interactions, outcomes, reactions, responses, results, exchanges, feelings], but in Christ we can shake off the disappointment or discouragement and move on [in alignment] with what God is doing–not with what we wish He did” (Joyce Meyer, Trusting God, pg. 395).

Because in all ‘seasons’, He is still good.

Seasons, by definition, are a division of the year marked by weather patterns, or to the Christian buzz-word definition–a particular chapter in one’s life. We have good seasons and bad seasons, seasons of reaping, and seasons of sowing.

The culmination & inextricable connection of our seasons [both high & low] is known as “the process“.

[Cringe…Cue: p a t i e n c e.]

“The process” is one of the most testing parts of being a human, let alone a Christian, and the surest way to get through it is to hold tighter to our lifeline [Jesus], because as soon as one wave crashes and passes, we are already getting positioned for the next.

wave 3

Yes, the waves behind us matter, because whether they took us under for a tumble or whether we rode the surf, they equip and strengthen us for each set to come.

With newfound insights and knowledge, we can confidently charge new waters. Wisdom is knowing which wave to ride next. Integrity is standing up on it.

The integrity of our faith chooses to  say, “I trust that God will always take care of me, that He will always do the right thing”. God does not make mistakes–people do. And because of His grace, we are given ample room and time for “course correction”. We are just asked to pray & obey [repeat].


I truly believe that [in most cases] we have to do something for God to give us something. With that, “we can make a plan and follow our plan, but we have to be ready to let it go quickly if God shows us something else” (Joyce Meyer, Trusting God, pg. 395).

Seasons come and seasons change, but always, You remain the same. [Bethel Music]


So about this new job…Am I nervous? Heckkkk yea. Working part-time [and accordingly, with less pay] in an entirely new realm and environment; not knowing what this next ‘season’ will hold is ripe for producing a wealth of anxiety.

But I think that’s why He gave this to me.

He’s saying, “Kaitlyn, We’ve been down this road together before. You can stay headstrong, or you can keep leaning on me.”

I’m choosing the latter, and you can hold me to it. That’s why I get really bold sometimes and decide to publicly post this kind of stuff in writing [Oyy vey. Lord, help me].

Alas, accountability and testimony are a match to the faith flame. Let it burn.

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photo: Sarah Boller, @sb_photographs



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  1. Congratulations Kaitlyn! So very proud of you and so very excited for you as well! Keep writing!!

  2. very good Kaitlyn- Love you

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