lately I’m loving #31…

Hi! I have a lot of updates, a killer praise report, and some exciting news to share with you all soon (stay tuned!!!), but in the meantime, here’s your #simplycomplikaited bi-weekly digest of #latelyimloving…


-morning devotions + verses that so perfectly fit how you’re feeling, you can’t help but rewrite them down on an entire page of your notebook. [thanks to the BF for sharing this version of it… & ignore my handwriting–just let the words make up for it. :D]

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career + leadership

-if you’ve always dreamed of working remote but now find yourself saying, “I work from home…now what?”

nobody cares how hard you work. umm…say what?

-what to do when you find yourself saying, “I don’t know what to do with my life. Help!”

“people don’t care what you do, they care why you do it”


-invest in your “home team” [aka the people you call when your tire is flat or you need a ride to the airport]. don’t “use & abuse”, but acknowledge the people around you pouring in your world, and recognize when you need to pour back into them, too. (*this one is another work in progress for me – #hellllo).

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i won the boyfriend lottery.

this powerful, “bruitful” article on shame + eating disorders.

It is time to change “I had no idea…” to “I see you are struggling and love you regardless. We are in this journey of healing and discovery together.” -Rebecca Bass-Ching
“When we spend a lifetime trying to distance ourselves from the parts of our lives that don’t fit with who we *think* we’re supposed to be, we stand outside of our story and hustle for our worthiness by constantly performing, perfecting, pleasing, and proving. Our sense of worthiness — that critically important piece that gives us access to love and belonging — lives inside of our story. — Brené Brown


-these quote pictures on creativity from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic.


Quotes-From-Elizabeth-Gilbert-Big-Magic (1)

food + drink

-it’s no secret I make a lot of smoothie bowls. people are constantly asking me how I make them…and this about sums it up. think: frozen fruit base, add liquid (ie: almond milk) a little bit at a time–just enough to get it moving so it stays thick!, protein source (I use VEGA Protein & Greens), seeds/nut butters (peanut!), and BLEND. then top to your heart’s content. my favorite is Purely Elizabeth granola, and apparently, Cheerios lately, too. I’m six-years-old on the inside sometimes.

homemade is always better.


-three healthy habits I’m loving: drinking hot lemon water first thing in the morning, &/or an apple cider vinegar concoction, and taking a daily probiotic supplement

-more research on trusting your gut (it’s your “second brain!”) and your digestion will thank you

money saving tips at Starbucks in case you’re an addict like me. you’re welcome.  OH, and november 12th-15th is BOGO on holiday drinks, so grab your boo or BFF and hit up the ‘bucks.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.56.51 AM



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