lately I’m loving #28…

food + local stuff:

// the green cat – a soon to be opening juice bar + local, artisan market down by the beach.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 4.41.31 PM

// jolly roasters coffee co., three ships coffee co. & the cold brew at roast rider (and the fact that it’s getting warm enough outside to drink it). i love seeing the local influx of craft coffee roasters & am looking forward to some collaborations. carpe diem.

// ordering a whole veggie pizza for one, because sometimes you just want pizza and that’s the only reason you need.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 4.41.18 PM

links, faith & further reading: 

// these 50 quotes that will make you a better content marketer.

// this article on the best thing you can do for yourself–and the women around you, according to Elizabeth Gilbert.

//and this article. because really, from time to time we all wonder if God cares whether we like our jobs or not. {yes, He does}. and if that didn’t hit home, then maybe this post on not being where you thought you would be in your 20’s will.

let his love sck.

//this article on when you’re waiting for God to show up…

“you’re only in the middle of the story, and God isn’t just going to show up and make things right in the end—instead, you’ll realize He’s been there through it all…When I wrestle with doubting it, I actually say to Him: “Don’t be done with this yet. Make things right.”

// this article about not isolating yourself in christian ‘cliques’, or any ‘cliques’ for that matter.

I implore you: Do the scary thing of being yourself around anyone, and allow yourself to be vulnerable with people who hold beliefs that are different from—even hostile to—your own. Take the time to truly befriend some of the many people in this world who do not share your beliefs. Be willing to be questioned, challenged, even hurt. These are some of the great freedoms that come with the saving work of Jesus Christ, and a joyous part of redemption that I don’t want to miss.

-Peter Swanson

//pastor, andi andrew, & the she is free movement. living vicariously through my girl friends that are at her first annual conference in NYC this weekend!


//this article, because well, “busy” is a sickness, too.

// the latest issue of Propel Women Magazine

No one ever gets to the end of their life and says, “I wish I’d been more scared”. Sometimes God soothes us, but most of the time he does all he can to shake some sense into us. Maybe it’s time we take our fears and hang-ups and give them up for walking on water. For leaving what we’ve known for the unknown. -Amena Brown Owen

// the collaboration of my favorite author + (one of) my favorite magazine(s) in their latest issue. #lovedoes

#bobgoff // #thatsdarling
#bobgoff // #thatsdarling

//a recent qualitative research project I conducted for grad school on social media sharing vs. in-person communication. I held 1v1 interviews, asking participants: “Do you post anything on social media that you would not bring up in person?” {in addition to a series of follow-up questions}. Their responses were enlightening. Here’s a sample podcast clip from one of my interviews.

home + life

// re-doing my room, thanks to homegoods, amazonBB&B, and vintage finds from my little sister.

// feeling incredibly blessed by some new relationships in my life–and especially, one in particular.

// touchè to this:

make a list sck.


life is (so) good. beeeelieve dat.


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