on Jesus ‘TODAY’

Being a marketing, media, and communications student, I have a full understanding that modern day media isn’t quick to blur the line of faith, religion, and politics. Yet I also know they have a civic duty to report the facts and seek out the most newsworthy content.

So when Christian musicians top the charts, when people keep pouring into the doors of a church in overwhelming numbers, when people start not just believing, but dedicating their lives in the name of J e s u s, media networks and the world will start to notice.

And that’s exactly what’s happening.

It gave me chills to hear and see that the TODAY Show just recently interviewed​ the pastors of Hillsong Church NYC, & hosted an on-air performance of Hillsong United​‘s latest song, “Touch the Sky“.

Because ya know what? There’s nothing for the media to censor, there’s no choice but to air a message that is universal.

“I think the message of Jesus, it appeals to everybody. So for us, it’s just trying to get out of the way,” – Joel Houston, @relevantmagazine

The message. The life of Jesus. The crucifixion; the resurrection. The historical fact that a man died on a cross and took on every ounce of pain beknownst to this world, experiencing complete separation from His heavenly father.

And it’s because of that very moment, that our God will never, ever turn his back on you and me.


That it is He (and only Him) who can bring dead things back to l i f e. That no matter how bad it gets, God will work good in a l l things (Steve Kelly).

{Think about that.} All things. Not some things, not most things. Not everyone else’s ‘things’ but not your own. ALL THINGS. 


So today, that’s why I’m taken aback by the ability to c e l e b r a t e Easter. To love Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit; at work as One in my life.

That the same good news that is true for me, is true for you, too.

That we are given newness of life through a relationship with Jesus, not religion, not the church, not the mental recognition of him, but renewal–being born again (Steve Kelly). It’s the surrender and acceptance to the love of a Savior, needed by us all.


Jesus plus nothing is everything. He isn’t just a representation of love, He is love. It’s who He is (Sharon Kelly).  


So this Easter, as I sit, pray, write and think to myself:

May I treasure and trust His word and His promises every single day, even in the darkness.

May His news be aired time and time again.

May a weekday feature of Hillsong Church on the TODAY Show be just the beginning of a media saturated with power, truth, and of love.

C o m e and fill this place.

Our resurrected King. Forever He is lifted high, He is alive.

Today, let’s tune in to that.

What fortune lies beyond the stars
Those dazzling heights too vast to climb
I got so high to fall so far
But I found heaven as love swept low

My heart beating
My soul breathing
I found my life
When I laid it down

Upward falling
Spirit soaring
I touch the sky
When my knees
Hit the ground

What treasure waits within your scars
This gift of freedom gold can’t buy
I bought the world and sold my heart
You traded Heaven to have me again

Find me here at your feet again
Everything I am
Reaching out I surrender
Come sweep me up in your love again
And my soul will dance
On the wings of forever.

When my knees hit the ground, I touch the sky. 

{-Hillsong United – Touch The Sky Lyrics | MetroLyrics}


a happy, blessed Easter to all. <3


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