2015 pulse check: #1

2015 has already been off to such a crazy start. Seriously we’re already two full months in–the darkest and coldest ones at that! Boom.


Speaking of weather, I just got back from a week in California and now there’s 8-10 inches of snow on the ground. All I’m saying, is my timing for booking a vacation really turned out to be impeccable with that one. It’s added two extra snow days to my vacation, but no airport delays. Holler.

This past week I also ate more pizza, tacos, juices, and acai bowls than I’d eaten in the past two months, drank my fair share of beers & cocktails each night, saw almost every little town between San Diego and Los Angeles, checked out 3 new yoga/fitness studios, checked out 2 running/bike routes, and spent time with two of my very favorite people.

As I found myself heading back home, I felt hesitant to leave but ready; content, but already craving a return; ok with leaving, but wondering when I was coming back. But seriously, when can I live there?

I didn’t expect that. So even with all the “contentment” work I’ve been doing, my head was suddenly spinning.

Enter: the reason why I love goal, vision, and intention setting.

They allow time to reflect, a time to realign, ground down, and still–to see the spontaneity in the day to day. I also have to complete & submit an updated goal revision at work this week (*they include 1, 5, and 10 year personal, career, and health goals). Safe to say I’ll be working on those a good bit this weekend.

It also made me think back to a recent sermon that I loved on vision, where Steve Kelly’s core message was: “you’ve got to have more vision than you do past.”

After hearing that and walking into work, I actually stopped to stare at our “goal wall”. I felt really grateful to also be working for a company where that’s not just embraced but put into practice on a day to day basis.

You must always lead beyond your current chapter and keep actively writing the story of your life.“– My heart overflows with a pleasing theme; I address my verses to the King; my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe. {psalm 45:1}

So, two months in to 2015 and I’m doing a personal pulse check on these guys:


…Hey, so far, so good.

01. – as far as the monthly #dosomething challenge:

 January was about finding a church home, tithing again, and writing down the seedlings of a 10-year {potentially non-profit} idea of mine I that couldn’t feel stronger about.

February was about creating #theLoveRunVB at work and giving to The Roc Solid Foundation.

02. – minimalism has come in the form of budgeting. school is occupying a ton of my finances, as was saving for my Cali trip. that meant building a wish list on my phone, rather than making impulse purchases. stories > new shirts (err pricey organic groceries — whatever you fancy.) roger, roger.

03. – happiness advantage – ahhh, yes. I needed a refresher on this one. our world is v a s t. its filled with a lot of really cool people up to some really big stuff. its also filled with some not so big stuff. and somewhere along the spectrum, is you and me, playing our part and needing to keep doing whatever it is that we do better than anyone else. all comparisons aside, first and foremost is to honor Him.

the here and n o w is God’s preparation for our future. be happy for this moment. t h i s moment is your life.

04. – growth mindset – another good reminder coming at a time when I’m doubting that all these new ideas, dreams, and desires are possible. YES. yes they are. it was also refreshing to get in some awesome, warm weather workouts on my trip. feeling in touch with my inner athlete again. I’ve even felt on a bit of a blog hiatus. wondering what, how, and when I ‘should’ write. why bother, right? but honestly, all that matters far less than the simple fact that I write.

05.  #lovedoes – Cali trip, check! Devoted Conference next weekend? Leggo! Making time for friends and family? #justdoit. More spring adventures to come.

Stop asking for all the details. Start saying yes and watch things fall into place. 



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