2014 in review & 2015 intentions

Like every passing year of life, you (hopefully) learn a bit more about yourself, primarily through experience (as opposed to spontaneous combustion). Obviously.

For me, 2014 was definitely filled with a lot of that. What made it different, was I actually started listening to myself (my true self) and learning to make choices, versus accepting a passive, victimized life.

So I made 2014 about habits. Ok, that’s a lie. I made 2014 about 14 things and then some. Remember this?:

kaits fourteen for 2014 w anchor



I mean how could I possibly keep a blog called “simply complicated.” if I didn’t have a total of 14 intentions in one year. Maybe I should’ve titled it “superwoman“. {jokes}.

But as far as my “highlight reel” goes, in 2014:

I became a certified barre instructor,

took more sunrise & sunset pictures around the Baltimore Harbor & VB oceanfront than I can count,

had quite a scary experience trying to get my wisdom teeth taken out, but eventually got them out on the second go at the hospital, did a modified juice cleanse with Daily Greens & Fruitive,

went to numerous concerts (Timeflies, SOJA, 311, MisterWives, Jack Johnson, Sunday in the Country, worship nights with Bethel Music & Building 429),

attended the Advanced Landmark Seminar in DC, visited Columbus, OH, Beaufort, NC, Manahawkin, NJ, Ocean City, NJ, the Poconos in PA, Charlottesville, VA,

ran a 15K & a 5k (which I PR’d at 22:29), & did my fare share of workouts

got accepted into grad school at Regent University, accepted a transfer job offer for a lululemon new store opening in Virginia Beach, moved back home, traded my Civic in for a Jeep,

planned & helped coordinate multiple fitness events, photo shoots, & parties at work, and spent the holidays at home with my family (no traveling, necessary).

But like I said, that’s the *highlight* reel. And yea… w o w. HOLY, #blessed.

Most notably, I also completed a “no habit is an accident” challenge, evaluating a different personal habit (almost) every month out of the year. I started late and ended it early, missing January and December.

With that, throughout 2014, I found a way to:

{february} break my addiction to gum chewing (just for the month though, who am I kidding.)

{march} complete daily devotionals (that I still do, albeit not perfectly, but consistently & wholeheartedly.)

{april} tackle a surprise #tolivelist to break my incessant need for planning and control (it was enlightening, yet I’m still guilty as charged. i’m a planner …but with a newfound love of spontaneity & living in the moment.)

{may} record & post something I was #simplygrateful for every day. (definitely my favorite month of all. it really is grateful people who are happy. it’s also the month I met someone I’m still grateful for today.)

{june} take control of my finances and unnecessary spending by focusing on #simplysaving (a.k.a – me realizing a girl actually only needs but so many black leggings. I’m proud to say I started 2015 off 100% debt free…ok, fine- except for my car payment.)

{july} rid myself of some anxious energy by evaluating what was really #simplyimportant (ding, ding – not the small stuff).

{august} try correcting some dysfunctional movement patterns I was having by working on #simplysquatsandcore (yeaaa, still working on that and currently in PT for a hip injury. womp, womp.)

{september} stop the self-critique and get seriously good at some #simplyselflove (I actually smile at myself in the mirror more and no longer feel a constant negative stream of thoughts in my head. I’ve traded those draining emotions for affirmations like: I am worthy of love & belonging. I am the daughter of a King.)

{october} continue to evaluate what it means to keep my word with lululemon’s #leadinluon integrity challenge

and finally…

{november} drop the “something’s wrong here” mentality and #simplychoosehappiness.


I’m glad I did all of them. Really, truly. I learned a lot about habits. Starting and breaking them is no where near as easy as it sounds. Because although most of us understand common sense, we don’t exactly exercise common action.

Further, if I’m being absolutely honest, it was also kind of exhausting. I by no means kept things ‘simple‘ and more often than not spent most of my energies focusing solely on me. Ugh.

I’m also not blaming or wronging myself for that by any means. At 24 (now 25) years old, its a perfectly acceptable time to be doing that kind of inward, personal reflection. And coming from where I was, I definitely needed it.

Thankfully I also had an incredible (and I mean monumental) support network that not only encouraged me, but literally propelled me to doing all the above… while also believing I could be even more. 

It is the love of people like that, that have inspired my intentions for 2015.

I want to live out a more giving, less me – more we– kind of year.

I want to truly give more. I want to have less and be more. I want to be less of who I think I need to be, and more of who I’m called to be. I want to never settle for the limits others impose over me. I want to doubt less and just say yes more.

We learn by doing, by going, and by absolutely failing and falling flat on our faces.

In the midst of crisis, we can get so stuck in the misery of the status quo that we forget another path is available. The thing we never consider, is we can fall up, too.

So, without further ado, my:

top five 2015 whit cropped

Love has a voice. Love has a name. {Jesus}. And He’s a l i v e.

I want to grow deeper in that presence.

here’s to making the most of every day I’m given in 2015. more to come on the monthly #dosomething challenges. I hope you’ll join me & keep following along!

much love & many thanks for a pretty incredible, #simplycomplicated year.



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  1. love your photos! hope all is well and cheers to living life to the fullest – God bless! xo

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