lately I’m loving #25

– not having to travel & doing Christmas at home with the whole family.

– Laird Hamilton’s fitness rules, rule.

– having registered for the “Devoted” Women’s Conference at Wave Church this spring.

– this recipe for single serving vegan banana bread. {bet I could sub the flour for vega vanilla protein powder, too!}

– this inspiring article on the story of snowboarder, Kevin Pearce, & his Love Your Brain foundation after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

– one of the more meaningful articles I’ve ever read by Elite Daily on intimacy.

“trust is the most intimate thing two people can share”. 

– what science is telling us about the heart’s intuitive intelligence. so cool.

– this “tropical house” mash-up on SoundCloud with Thomas Jack & Kygo that my college roommate shared with me (she has a gift with music). when island music meets electronic, I’m all over it.

– the “Niko & Vinz” station on Pandora. such feel-good, upbeat, easy listening with a unique mix of artists.

– these 29 photos of the human race that will stop you in your tracks.

– getting ready to book flights to/from San Diego & LA in February. #calidreaming -> #soCal bound. c a n ‘t wait.

– 15 damaging myths about life.

– the articles on relevant magazine. i appreciate that they’re always pushing the envelope and conversing about what it means to be a Christian in this culture.

– receiving a random note in my Facebook inbox from a blog reader who’d resonated with & been touched by some of my posts. humbling? yeaa. <3 It was just the little bit of faith I needed to reinforce wanting to blog my way through 2015, too.


** 2014 recap & 2015 intentions coming soon! **


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