lately I’m loving #24…

watching: The Fault in Our Stars. if you haven’t seen it, go to on demand immediately and click “watch now”. really, right now. my eyes might still be watering–and I don’t even cry in movies.

+ this video about fear vs. awe.

listening: to satellite radio in the car, Timeflies, MisterWives, Niko & Vinz, Bethel Music, Christmas tunes, obviously, & Sons of Bill.

hearing: ample Adobe Suite & Photo Shop tutorials. this application is a beast. so much to learn.

seeing: the amazing Christmas tree my mom decorates every year.


taking: #‘s character strengths survey. it’s a free, 15-minute questionnaire that really helps you understand some of your natural abilites. I learned five of my top strengths are: love of learning, perspective, judgment, honesty, and curiosity. touchè.

eating: fall & root veggies roasted in coconut oil and whatever other spices are calling to me from the cabinet.

+ oatmeal & “overnight oats” made with pumpkin.

+ Snickerdoodles. I revisited this favorite recipe.

Vega Protein & Greens powder (in vanilla), for use in oats ^, homemade protein snacks, pancakes, anything. it’s hands down the best one I’ve come across and kind of makes me feel like I’m always eating cake {without the funky artificial flavors}. #winning.

feeling: an overwhelming sense of wanderlust. I think I’ve been bitten by a need-to-get-out-there bug. big timeA flight will be booked in the next couple of weeks — mark my words.

touching: my hair after I’ve done a conditioning treatment with coconut oil. #gamechanger

working: on running again. I’m training for a March half-marathon and remembering why I fell for running all over again. Just have to get a potential hip impingement injury looked at first. Woof.

exploring: what it is I truly want & am most passionate about {it’s a daily adventure}. and being perfectly ok with whatever the outcome.

believing: “it is possible to be c o n t e n t in any and every situation.”

writing: at leisure & creating fun marketing + communications verbiage at work. being on winter break between semesters for grad school is a welcome change of pace!

learning: more about our d e s i r e s and how they can actually lead us in really honest and compelling ways. check out more from Danielle LaPorte’s #desiremap, #truthbomb series, & the Conversation Starters app, here.

reading: It’s kind of all I want to do lately. books, blogs, articles, newspapers, it doesn’t matter. I feel like a sponge. Particularly:

this article on your “dream job”. holllyyyyy man. I got like hot reading it, it hit the core that hard.

these – 51 of the most beautiful lines in literature

-the Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. we’re doing a “book club” of sorts with it for our leadership team at work & I’m so intrigued by it already. it’s not your usual run-of-the-mill self-help book, I promise.

 love is life.




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