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on being a leader

I’m sure we’ve all heard the anecdote, “do one thing a day that scares you.”

Well, there’s a lot that scares me (vulnerability, failure, imperfection, losing loved ones, serial killers, demons, snakes) and a lot that actually doesn’t really scare me (heights, sky diving, flying, climbing, being alone).

But if I had to think of one thing that scares me every day, it would be being a leader.

When I first started thinking about this, it shocked me. How is that even possible? I’m currently in and have been in numerous leadership and managerial roles. I’m more comfortable leading than taking a back seat. I have to consciously remind myself not to interrupt.

So how in the world can I say that I’m afraid of being a leader?

Because it’s the very thing that makes me feel the most nervous walking into work at the start of every day, and the very thing that makes me feel filled with the most exuberant vibrations walking back out the door at the end.

It forces me outside of my box. It makes me give, when it feels easier to take. It asks me to listen, listen, listen. It asks me to step from “I” to “We“. It requires that I have the tough conversations. It doesn’t allow room for “looking good“. It takes a focus on the positive, searching for solutions; instead of the negative, persistent complaints.

It holds me responsible and accountable. Yes, even on the days I’m feeling my weakest and want to curl up in a ball and hide out in a cold, dark room. {Yes, those days still happen, too. They might not look like much, but I call them “power naps”. }

Bottom line–being a leader has very, very little to do with me.

It has a lot to do with the people I’m working with.

And it has everything to do with the God that’s working through me.


After reading more from Christine Caine’s latest book (Unstoppable) & soon-to-be launching venture ( I further grasped another added layer of what it really means to be a leader, in a divine sense.

In her recent podcast, Christine states that we are called to being more effective e x a c t l y where we are. We are to be lighthouses in the midst of darkness. We are to unapologetically, pass the baton of faith in our part of the race. It’s our fundamental spark to ignite as a believer.

Whether your place of work is in the home, a corporate office space, in the school system…it can happen anywhere.

Doing the one thing that scares you everyday, might just be your divine recipe, your secret sauce to being unstoppable in the midst of it all.

Each time we honor Him by acting in spite of our fear, we grow & transform a little more.

Forget whether anyone notices. You’ll know.

And more importantly, He’ll know, too.

{here’s a little sck. original video I created for a grad school project. ;) }


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