“no habit is an accident” challenge, month 8: #simplyselflove—final recap

*This post is well overdue, and I will let that be that!

There were times this past month when I felt convinced this challenge would also result in failure. But as I’ve continued to learn over the course of this year, no habit starts or gets broken overnight.

What I also learned is that the pursuit of self-love arises in many forms, in each of our experiences, reactions, and patterns of thought. There was the mental, the physical, and the spiritual. And the way they all intertwined.

Ironically, facing a mirror in yoga & barre classes was peace-making. They offered a time of solitude & concentration; an opportunity to practice not just the movements, but to practice compassion.

To speak to myself in kind, affirming ways.

To stretch, lift, and bend with ease and fluidity.

To find those moments of grace in movement.

To laugh at myself in the most awkward and uncoordinated positions. 

To feel both strength and weakness; choosing gratitude for what my body can do, rather than what it can’t.

At the end of a sweaty class, I’d lie there in awe; focused only on the harmony that’s found when you let the physical and spiritual body come together in perfect unison.

Then there was the way I let my state of ‘busyness’ translate into rushing and then frustration…and even complaining, all too oftenThere were one too many-dropped mason jars, spilt wine glasses, and knocked over nail polish, and overall franctic-ness in my day-to-day Clearly, I still need to slow down and stop rushing.

All that rushing isn’t exactly doing myself any favors.

Trust me, adding 30 minutes to your morning to clean up a spilled smoothie and then cursing yourself for being so clumsy doesn’t exactly save time. Because I’m actually not clumsy (well, maybe a little bit), I’m just always moving too fast, doing too many things at once. Nurturing each activity in a purposeful way hardly takes longer, but it definitely feels a whole hell of a lot better. It removes the unnecessary, added stress & anxiety and brings me far more present to whatever I’m doing.


Music was another big change. Listening to Christian/worship CD’s in the car every morning became incredibly calming and uplifting. With each passing day, I became more of a magnet to it, like a sponge that soaked it up without ever needing to be wrung out. And the devotions I took the time to read on various mornings, became all the more on point.

Then, of course, there was food. Picking wholesome eats with clean ingredients and a high nutritional value no longer felt like a pressuring demand or a “But I should eat healthy”. It just felt like n o u r i s h m e n t and intuition, not something that entailed deprivation, guilt, or uncomfortable fullness. Avoiding the over processed foods that are draining and energy-sucking to the digestive system just clicked. It also became all the more reason for a celebratory or “just because I want it” indulgence (hello, homemade ice cream pie). And sometimes intuitive eating means giving yourself pizza at midnight after a day of tailgating because your body says, “No really, that’s what I need.

It’s also amazing to see the simple difference that proper sleep and hydrations makes. Apparently, I’m borderline worthless without adequate rest & fluids. Noted: Drink & rest up.

I could go on from talking about shopping and trying on clothes, to taking pictures, to encouraging others, but above all, the biggest thing I learned this month on self-love is…

have patience in getting the balance just right.


Perfection is out. Comparison is a trap. Judgement and jealously are counterproductive.

Rather: Consistency. Compassion. Choice. Forgiveness. J O Y. Prayer. & Gratitude are key.

For “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” {proverbs 139:14}

“Accept each day exactly as it comes to you. By that I mean not only the circumstances of your day, but the condition of your body. Your assignment is to trust me absolutely.” –Jesus Calling 

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” Proverbs 14:30



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