lately I’m loving…

-these 10, simple two-ingredient avocado recipes. I’m dying to try #3… and #4 is already a personal favorite.


-the digital marketing & brand publishing firm, Contently. they’re like the Breaking News Report for the Media world.

-tackling this pretty sweet top 10 netflix movies compilation in my “spare time” (waittt, what’s that!?).

-the new Pinterest ‘Pin It!’ button that’s now directly at the top of my Chrome browser and is even easier to bookmark and organize my favorite web-browsings. #thelittlethings

-this NC native’s hand crafted beachy-boho jewlery line via Etsy. totally snagged her business card from a girl friend.

photo 2

-this Tommy Bahama CADILLAC of beach carts. I mean do you see that!? it holds four chairs, tents, umbrellas, and ample bags + other essentials. killer. you’d better add one to your wish list for next year. so long, sweet summer.

image 2

cheer stations at local races, group workouts, and goal-setting sessions with my team from work. #joblove


-the incredibly uplifting blog of one of my coworkers, Sheena Jeffers, and the organization she created called, “Dance Camp with Mentoring Children of Prisoners.” check out the recap video here, and I’ll give you $100 if you don’t get the chills. (click for my recent feature article and full interview with Sheena).

-the insane number of household uses & health remedies for tea tree oil, wild oregano oil, bee pollen, etc. maybe our traditional medicine cabinet has been getting it all wrong after all… {*with each purchase of  an Apothecary Extracts product, they also send you an e-PDF with over 53 uses for tea tree oil. thanks for sending me some, ladies!}

-I also really can’t wait for all the vitamins & natural remedies I ordered to arrive from amazon. I am hoping they will help with the pervasive canker sores I’ve been experiencing {obviously, I’m NOT loving those}. Is anyone else plagued by these and have suggestions!? I did a ton of research {WebMD nerd?} and I’m legit thinking about doing a write-up on them soon. It’s out. of. control.

-the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook I received this past Christmas. My mom and I are finally getting around to making a lot of the recipes in it and are loving it! this weekend we made: these Almond Meal Coconut Cacao cookies & her Spinach Artichoke Dip. swoooon. 


three good things about fall and cooler temperatures: football season, boots, and that stuff no longer melts in the car (ie: chapstick, snacks, drinks…don’t deny–I know you know what I’m talking about).

-this total #truthbomb of an article on the irrationality of the statement, “if you can’t accept me at my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best.” #weaksauce



-my family (although, that’s not just a “lately” kind of love). moving back home and being able to be with them all so regularly has been quite a blessing. not to mention, being spoiled at the early birthday dinner my mom hosted for me last night. which also reaffirmed my feeling that I don’t trust anyone who says, “I don’t have room for dessert”… Tiramisu, key lime pie, hello dollies…yessss, where there’s a will, there’s a way.😉



*sponsored content, as generously provided with a sample of their product to review.


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  1. Great links! I love tea tree oil after discovering it for a keloid with my nose ring. It’s great for acne too! Oregano oil I use to boost my immune system if I feel a sickness coming on-I love learning holisitic methods. And umm pinning that cookie recipe ASAP.

  2. Thanks, girl! Good to know…and definitely! Enjoy!:)

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