“no habit is an accident” challenge: month 7 – #simplysquatsandcore final recap


The funny thing about this month’s #simplysquatsandcore challenge is that I undeniably failed.

Straight up.

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), I learned a lot about myself in that ‘failure process’. 


I started off strong, increasing my time and reps on plank holds, body weight squats, and foam rolling. I felt pretty confident. Ahem… that lasted about 5 days.

I also went to a lot of workouts that (thankfully) happened to encompass a lot of squats and core work. Yet, the only thing I can say I succeeded in for this month’s challenge, was improving my posture. I definitely didn’t even do that perfectly, but at least I became far more aware of it. I was able to catch myself whether sitting at my desk doing work, or out talking to people at an event. (Oh, crap! Reset! Shoulders down & back. Check. Neck long and neutral. Check. Core pulled in and down. ‘Werkin on it. Back straight, not arched and booty stickin’ out. Riiight…)

When reflecting over the past month, I want to give myself a range of reasons like: “but I didn’t have time“, “but I was traveling & on vacay“, “but it hurt“, “but I was injured“, “but I didn’t like it and wanted to change my mind“. Clearly, all of those are excuses. And even if they all had some validity, I know full well, I took responsibility for none of them and didn’t commit my efforts to finding a solution.


-If I was really injured, I should have made an appointment to see my sister. I mean she is a physical therapist. Doiii.

-The ‘time‘ thing is almost never plausible. Besides, all I asked myself to give was 10 min/day.

-I went to a reformer Pilates class, which exposed my areas of weakness, and hated it–vowing to never go again rather than letting myself be a beginner and work my way up.

After all, I don’t call these monthly challenges for nothin’. So, what did I learn?

  • I learned you can’t do a dysfunctional movement (my incorrect squat form) over and over again and expect it to be functional (ta da, perfect squat!). The definition of an idiot, no?
  • I learned that, first, I had to fix the smaller beast. My mobility and muscle control in those specific areas.
  • I learned that when things get uncomfortable, I tend to hold back, rather than attack it. (Letting myself falter off when it got tough and unfamiliar).
  • I learned that my stubbornness inhibits myself more than anyone else.
  • I learned that when  certain things that are hard for me (math, tech set-ups, squats, etc.) I avoid them like the plague, rather than showing much perseverance to strengthen them. I play out the same story of, “Well, I’m just not good at it.”
  • I learned that when something isn’t working, its’ actually imperative to take a step back and look at the bigger picture (the sum of all the parts at work).
  • I learned that I’m absolutely not going to succeed at every challenge I take on. Andthat’s ok, too. 

Month 7 might not have been a raging success, but the good news, no one is preventing me from continuing to work at it. I’ll have to keep you posted on my progress with this one. Watch out, world!


On to next month!


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