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on spinning your wheels

This week I went to a sweat-drenched, black light filled, high energy spin class with my teammates from work. {Mid-class, my mind went to a rather contemplative place to avoid listening to the burning sensation pulsing through my quads.} It occurred to me that, if meant negatively, spinning your wheels is a stupid analogy.

Think of the first thing you’d do in your car; when stuck in sand, mud, snow, or ice. You’d spin your wheels. Then you’d spin some more; trying to gain traction. You’d keep pressing the pedal. Not going anywhere fast, no– but going nonetheless. Expressing the hope that maybe, just maybe, you’d be able to dig deep enough, find a grip, and pull yourself back out out.

If you think about it, sometimes spinning your wheels is the very pressure you need, to give yourself the ability to propel forward. Obviously not just when driving, or progressing through the intervals of an indoor cycling class, but while navigating the various obstacles and waves of your life.

These moments of spinning–that often feel hopeless and without direction, are exactly where you find your strength. {I suddenly heard my quads talking to me again, as the instructor came by and cranked up the resistance on my bike.} Every time you get on that seat and push the pedals, every day you wake up and reach for the coffee, it feels a bit different. Sometimes you’re more out of gas than others, and sometimes you’re cruising along, feeling right on track.

{As I looked down to see what level the instructor just raised me to, my quads stopped screaming and my heart starting beating; suddenly finding a newfound energy.} I became reminded that in addition to the wheels and the pedals, a bike comes with another very special component–the gear. And as Esther Collinetti (an incredibly influential fitness instructor I’ve had the opportunity of knowing) once said to me: “The gear is your heart”.

Yet, sometimes you’re scared to reach down and turn that dial up; worried that you can’t handle it. Convinced you’re out of your league. Afraid that you might break. Yet somehow, you never do.

Your legs just burn more or less. Your heart just beats faster or slower. Your muscles get stronger and you create transformation, or you let it all stay the same.

Accepting that fact is no more comfortable, than it is fun to get an oil change for your car. Yet those seemingly mundane, maintenance visits are the very lubricant of your engine. Just as those seemingly tedious challenges are personal pulse checks on your life. It’s how you gauge & more importantly–how you choose, to get more mileage, to press onward.

Like adjusting the various parts of your bike, it takes a constant calibration of the things in your life you resist the most.

It takes the joint efforts of pushing and pulling; riding the ascent & the descent; feeling the burn…and yes, a whole lot of “spinning your wheels”.

So keep churning, keep grinding, keep listening to your inner compass. You will get there.

And He will be there every step of the way, too.




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One thought on “on spinning your wheels

  1. I love the analogy you used of “spinning your wheels”… I look forward to spinning my wheels with this new school year!! Thanks again for the inspiration.💛

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