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on electricity

It’s no secret I love Brené Brown & that discovering her work on shame and vulnerability were game changers for me.

But the thing about vulnerability is it’s a sneaky little bugger. As soon as we feel past it, it finds ways to squeeze itself back to the forefront, demanding we take it on, or continue standing in our own way.

For whatever reason, the beginning of this week really took a toll on me. I led, what I felt, were some less-than-powerful training sessions at work, I felt out of routine, I felt mentally exhausted upon seeing my recently posted grad school syllabi, I missed everyone back in Maryland, and mostly, I started allowing voices of judgement and frustration creep back in. I told myself a lot of “you’re not ___ enough”, heard a lot of doubt, and felt as if I was experiencing a full-body electrical outage (Franzen). But it’s hardly ever about what happened, so much as it is how we respond to it. Welllll…I went into my self-described “funk”, feeling pretty shut off, & rather off-balance…and I feel pretty clear that balance is the key.

In order, “to balance the see-saw of life, I have to take care of me first. I have to give to myself, to my heart, to my confidence, and spirit (Scott).” Because frankly, “life isn’t all that random. I can’t expect to get the life I want without putting my mind, body, and soul into proper alignment” (Najjar). It takes knowing “I have a choice in every moment to shift into an awareness that opens space for creativity, for expansion and new ideas, and for opportunities to emerge” (Smith).

“Finding passion requires us to experiment and take risks. Find stuff, try stuff, and put yourself out there. We all get there in different ways. We find our meaning or purpose by trying, doing, (and even failing). It’s through the exploratory process that we create the life we want to live” (Tudor).

It takes practicing and fighting every day for amhappy • The art of finding what turns me on. And the courage to do something about it.

Sometimes it takes that full-body electrical outage to do so. It takes “ecstatically rolling around in that realization, like a puppy with its belly to the sky, to keep discovering my own gifts and inner electricity” (Franzen).

New experiences require vulnerability. 

They require that I shed layers. That I peel it back and create anew everyday.

Because I am not, and you are not, bound by a single circumstance of yesterday.

ie: My story is not withdrawal & depression - my story is simply the perspective through a past depression.

Frankly I can stop caring, stop falsely believing, and stop attaching meaning to every damn inkling that no longer serves me.

Because at the end of the day, its’ not even remotely about me. 

When I feel stuck, I know it’s time to literally get up and get moving.


Get talking.

Get clearing.

Get on my knees and start praying. Letting the thoughts flow, and as they leave my lips, finding comfort in having no idea where they came from.


And that kind of freedom is for each & every one of us.

“I recently landed upon the word voltaic: (adj.) pertaining to electric currents, especially when produced by chemical reaction. A symbol for the life – and the world – I want to co-create. The ability to design a voltaic life – a life of unbridled enthusiasm and authentic engagement – is a privilege, a thrill, and the essence of entrepreneurship.

So, what’s meaningful to me? {Keeping the e-l-e-c-t-r-i-c-i-t-y on}. Soulful self-promotion. Supersonic storytelling. Sizzling synchronicity. Striking symbiosis. I want everyone on earth to feel like an active switchboard as often as possible. Screw light bulb moments … I want lightning bolts of brilliance! - Alexandra Franzen

I am realistic. I expect miracles. And you should, too. 




the above quotes and contributions were selected from | a place to share. meaning. 




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