“no habit is an accident” challenge: month 7 – #simplysquatsandcore

I started thinking about what I was going to do for this month’s challenge, and naturally, I sifted through quite a few ideas.

But the less I overanalyzed & thought about it, I realized I have two pretty big habits that affect me first and foremost, physically, but ultimately mentally as well.

I let it inhibit certain moves I chose to do, it makes me less mobile for other ones I wish I could do, and I reinforce the wrong muscle patterns over and over again.

What in the world am I talking about?

My posture and my squat.

I haven’t done a fitness challenge yet this year, so I thought it’d be good to give my “no habit is an accident” evaluation a different direction, while working on something I’ve really been meaning to make a focus…and getting a earful from my special people in the Physical Therapy/Fitness industry. ;)

It’s gotten better, but I can tell you one thing…my squat definitely doesn’t look like this little guy’s.


Measurable behaviors of the challenge:

-minimum 10 mins/day of basic core work & squats, anywhere. {no gym class or official workout required}

-increase amount & intensity each day, even if it’s just body weight. the goal is also to get stronger, while improving form.

-consciously working on holding my shoulders down & back , my core tucked-pulled in and up, with a long straight back (vs. my usual arched back, belly & butt out, hunched shoulders). Hey, I never said it was pretty.


-incorporating a minimum of 10 mins of stretching & mobility work after workouts. (I never take time to do this and it really affects my squat depth, flexibility, and overall comfort + recovery level).


So who wants abs and a super deep sumo squat!? 31 days of #simplysquatsandcore. Let’s do this.



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2 thoughts on ““no habit is an accident” challenge: month 7 – #simplysquatsandcore

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