“no habit is an accident challenge” – month 6: #simplyimportant, final recap

Go figure, on day 1 and day 31 of this challenge, things hit the fan. They were definitely two of the days that proved to be the toughest. I think God has a sense of humor like that.

It’s as if he laughs a bit to himself, while I’m again reminded…“Oh, right, I can’t do this alone”.

Here are some of my documented “finer moments” throughout the month:

*Basically, on the first day, I started to get my panties in a wad over some leasing agreement stuff, financials, and honestly — a lot of other little things I can’t even remember (if that tells you anything). 

*I started to get a tad riled up and irritated at an event I attended, before immediately realizing the need to drop it and just enjoy every moment. I was being selfish and nothing I was upset about truly mattered.

*Having to get up early for a workout after going to bed way too late the night before (I really like my sleep). 

*Technical difficulties (one of my biggest pet peeves) and being unable to get my internet connections working when I moved home.

*Not being given a ‘heads up’ by a friend, when something potentially affected me as well. 

*Literally, not getting in workouts a few days in a row during my transitions.

*Being out of my ‘normal’ routine of eats & workouts in general. 

*Not getting the response you were hoping for when sharing some goals and ideas (side note: that doesn’t make them bad).

*Some of last summer’s shorts being a bit snug. (Always frustrating, except this should really be somewhat celebrated).

*Being anxious about things out of my control. 


*Being at the healm of some serious passive aggression. 

*Traffic. Erryday of mah lyfe (and yours too, probably). 

*Waiting on hold and being put through a bunch of automated prompts instead of talking to a real person.

…and plenty more where all of these came from.

But clearly, things didn’t really “hit the fan”. That was just how I initially chose to perceive some of it. And to be honest with you I have far fonder memories throughout July, most likely attributed to the fact that I was working on not sweating the small stuff. Because in the grand scheme of things, the month was really only filled with a vacation & amazing beach weekends, inspiring work days, send-off parties, and “feeling the love” in ways that I’ll never forget. That’s what mattered. Those feelings, those moments, and those relationships were #simplyimportant.


Too often, we fall into these traps of entitlement & comparison; thinking: “but I deserve this”, and “they did that to me. We convince ourselves we’re justified in our actions & reactions. It’s a victimization; a “me-ism”–as if everything was intentionally directed at us. 

We tend to take things personally, without even stopping to accept responsibility for our part in it, regardless of how it’s occurring for us on the other end.

Just because they said that, in that way, to you, doesn’t mean you’re forced–or even sensible in reacting on that same accord.

But you can even forget all that.

For what I really came present to, is that at any given moment, two things are happening:

{1. the situation itself & 2. the conversation we are having with ourselves about it.}

For example:

-when in a race, you’re: 1. running & 2. having a conversation with yourself

-when sitting in traffic, you’re: 1. not moving very fast & 2. having a conversation with yourself

-when arguing with a loved one or significant other you’re: 1. disagreeing & 2. having a conversation with yourself.

-when looking in the mirror, you’re: 1. staring at your reflection & 2. having a conversation with yourself.

In each ‘2.‘ we attach meaning to whatever is occurring in ‘1.‘.

{ie: staring at our reflection and wishing we could “fix”, change, lose, or gain one thing or another.}

So what if we simply changed the way we went about ‘2.‘?

Or what if we at least continued to actively work on it & practice it daily? Because really… rarely will we be able to control, avoid, or perfectly create ‘1.‘ This entire month was like a constant light beam of reminders pointing right to that.

How we feel about ‘1. has the power to vastly alter how  ‘2.‘ sounds, looks, & feels in our minds. And then ultimately, how it shows up in our re(actions).

Our actions then, control our outlook. 

“Stay in this moment. It contains the experience you need to have. This moment contains your happiness. Living this moment, being fully present for it, is the way to get to the next experience, the next person, the next emotion, the next adventure. Cherish the moment. Feel all there is to feel. See all there is to see. Learn the lessons of today, & you will be prepared for the adventures & joys of tomorrow.” -Melody Beattie

Building good habits are like building muscles. It’s not always easy, but the more you work on them, the stronger you get. It’s a daily practice to…


Then at the end of the day, know deep down in your heart what’s truly #simplyimportant.


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