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“no habit is an accident” challenge: reflections & month 6 – #simplyimportant

For starters, month 6!?? I even started this challenge a month late on the year, but are we really 7 months into the new year?? As in over half? C r a z y.

“time flies, but you’re the pilot.”

I also realize I’m a good 8 days late on publishing this month’s challenge. Guilty as charged.

Hear me out?

I’ve gone back and forth between lots of ideas for July, such as:

-check my email and social media sites only 3x/day

-write everyday, including a handwritten note to friends/loved ones. 

-go gluten-free

…the list goes on. While I really like all of those, I couldn’t seem to get any of them to really go “clunk” and propel me into action for an entire month. I didn’t want to make this “no habit is an accident” thing feel pressured, controlling, deprived, or annoying. That’s definitely not what it’s about.

So, in light of it being mid-year, I decided to take a step back and look at my kait’s top 14 for 2014 goals/intentions to reevaluate.

kaits fourteen for 2014 w anchorTo be honest, a raised eyebrows, blushed cheeks, & a warm grin came over my face as I read through them all again. I was actually overwhelmed with the amount of personal progress I’ve made. Mostly because I think awareness is one of the most challenging, eye-opening, and progressive steps to begin with. Granted, there’s quite a few {hellooo 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11} that I definitely have some ground to make up, during the latter half of the year. And still, for the most part, I’m feeling really, really good about where I’m at right now. More importantly, I’m letting myself truly e m b r a c e that feeling.

Not immediately rushing on to the next thing.

Not flailing in the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’s.

Not comparing or guilt tripping myself into only seeing where or what I’m not. 

Not overcomplicating tasks, relationships, or hell–even tonight’s dinner plans.

Not constantly letting myself believe the lie that I’m not enough.


Not to mention, I’m about to knock #13 off the charts, because as I’ve revealed on my Instagram and Facebook pages, I recently accepted a transfer job offer and am moving back to my hometown of Virginia Beach AND was accepted + enrolled into grad school for a Master’s in Strategic Communications. boom. goal. crush. repeat. It’s a scary and simultaneously exhilarating new chapter, and I don’t know that I’d have it any other way.


It’s also one of those things I could have never put in motion without the relentless support of so many incredible people in my life. Those relationships  have, will, and really do mean the world to me. Month 4’s #simplygrateful31, really turned a direct spotlight on them for me.

But without further ado, for the rest of this month, my focus will be #4:

{I don’t attach importance to things that aren’t all that important}. 

Yes, I will make a habit out of it. 

#4 was actually a last minute addition to my top 14 list, inspired by my ever-wise brother in law. It struck such a chord with me, because ya know what, it’s really friggin’ hard! I realized the weight I carry when I’m doing the opposite. And not only the weight itself, but how often we can willingly {and arguably unknowingly} choose to carry it. Some might call it sweating the small stuff.  No one wants to be around a bunch of super sweaty, weighed down people all the time. #amiright? 

It’s really pretty simple. What’s important, what’s not. What takes priority. What’s the bigger picture. What’s really worth holding on to. Where do I really need to be. Who do I really need to be there for. What needs to get done, even if I don’t feel like it. What doesn’t? What am I procrastinating. And mostly, what’s really going to matter, 5, 10 minutes, a day, a week, or even a year from now. 

I plan to record and keep track of the places where #4 shows up for me throughout the rest of July. Making a habit of asking myself: is this really that #simplyimportant?… and strengthening my discernment all along the way.

How are your 2014 intentions going? Do you have a habit of sweating the small stuff? Join me & we’ll hold each other to it.

It’s just that…

simplyimportant .jpg





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