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lately I’m loving…

-this article on habits. how fitting for my year-long “no habit is an accident” challenge! 

-the mini jambox by JAWBONE. i need this powerful, portable little speaker in my life.


-grammar usage: exclamation marks. yes, they’re a thing. get excited, people!

-middle child complex. it’s filled with inspirational words & fashionable images.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 6.47.47 PM

-this impulsive & not-so-#simplysaving purchase. it’s a pillow. yes, I impulsively bought a throw pillow. #whoami


-various articles on elephant journal. (choose your clicks wisely, you can only browse but so many for free.)

-a modern gals’ guide to mindful social media.

-a special friend of mine, who shares all her ups & downs on her awesome pregnancy documentary blog, here. she’s witty, real, smart & full of love.

-going to Crossfit workouts at my favorite local box. suddenly, I can’t get enough despite the epic soreness I’ve been continually facing.

-becoming our aspirational selves versus our practiced selves (thank you, Brené Brown).

-the fact that it’s been so hot outside I can actually get away with leaving the house without a jacket for once.

-this worldwide event comin’ at cha on July 24th, as created by my ever-amazing friend, Brooke. join the movement & #getyourKINDon.



-the following pieces of inspiration & advice that have helped me cope, admist a major time of indecision in my life:

-this quote: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

-finishing all of my grad school application, except for taking the standardized MAT at the end of the month. YES, grad school. sometimes you’ve just gotta just face your fears and give things a go. More to come on this–stay tuned! 


-this post on what to do when your dreams stall….

-“We don’t have to figure out the ‘how’ and the ‘when’.  All He needs is an available and willing vessel. A vessel that will simply believe when God’s plans are not so simple.  The ‘how’ and the ‘when’ is in His hand.-whole magazine

proverbs 16:9 // psalm119:105 // isaiah 43:18-19 // psalm 32:8 // jeremiah 29:11

proverbs 16:9 // psalm119:105 // isaiah 43:18-19 // psalm 32:8 // jeremiah 29:11

-working with a manager that’s so selfless, she takes one look at me and sends me home for a sick day, volunteering to cover my shift without a flinch. that’s just already adding to the laundry list of things she does for me & our team every day. #simplygrateful for her & my coworkers, I am indeed.

with lots of love,


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