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lately I’m loving…

I’ve noticed these posts of mine always tend to have a certain theme to them. Unintentionally, but I think you could say today’s is mostly running & foodie things. Either way, lately I’m loving…


the latest issue of Runner’s World & the article by Lauren Fleshman (US Pro-Runner for Oiselle & Picky Bars co-founder) about why 5k’s are “freaking awesome”. it got me all kinds of motivated to start training for running some seriously fast 5ks. No really, like I actually already signed up for one on Memorial Day. #impulsive


the lululemon wamo camo print (like in the headband, above ^). it’s boho, a little wild, but chic. camo meets beach. feminine, but not too girly. done.

…also, I really do love me some Picky Bars. they’re one of my all-time favorite bars. they have no soy, no artificial sugars/ingredients/preservatives (#crucial), lower sugar, good protein to carb ratios, and most flavors are gluten free, vegan, and under 200 calories. seeeee, I’m picky as hell, so it’s perfect! on that note, so are Perfect Bars. I like the light flavors. ;)


and…if you haven’t tried nuun hydration tablets, you should. you can find them at most speciality running stores. the watermelon flavor is amazing.

trail races. like this weekend’s XTERRA #15k with some pretty incredible women I’m blessed to call both coworkers & good friends. already scouting for my next trail race (yes, in addition to the 5k).

10384051_629230930504932_4147818502853893762_n 10365724_763420963709547_6159136358821168127_n


this weekend’s post-race shenanigans at the Wine in the Woods festival. enough said. :)

image 3

connecting with other athletes at work this week & then following updates on them as they tackle a 103 mile trail race. no, that number is not a typo. insane? quite possibly. amazing? absolutely.

my Daily Greens juices. I excitedly started this seasonal cleanse today with the intent of resetting my ever-pesky digestive system & loading up on loads of summer nutrients. and by cleanse, I mean clean eating. I will essentially be supplementing it & still eating actual food. I’m not a fan of the total crash & burn. And uhh, I like to chew. so far, they’re all delicious! I love that they are all green & have much better nutritionals than other juice companies I’ve seen. Even if I had to have them shipped from Texas…

image 6

jen’s 8 tips for green smoothie making. I couldn’t of said it better myself! these are all things I’ve discovered in the trail and error process of smoothie making, too. her PB&J one is a slightly different version of my absolute favorite BBPB Dreambowl. in case you haven’t noticed, it’s finally legit smoothie weather outside!!!! that’s definitely worthy of at least 4 exclamation marks.

this video where Russell Brand goes off on an epic tangent about the divine beauty all around each of us. it’s really pretty impressive. what do you think?

and lastly, a guilty pleasure…a new season of the bachelorette starts tonight! i think Andi will be a good one.

& that’s a wrap!


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3 thoughts on “lately I’m loving…

  1. I’m a Nuun ambassador so I love Nuun but the watermelon is my favorite right now! It’s a seasonal flavor so I really want to stock up!

    • so awesome!! yea, that’s what I was told by the woman at the local running store I got them at. really pretty cool that its seasonal…that’s how you know it’s good! ;)

  2. yes, definitely! give it a little time to dissolve once you drop the tablet it, but then you’re good to go. glad to have you as a new reader!!! :)


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