lately I’m loving…

this Darling Magazine article on creating.

this TEDtalk by Elizabeth Gilbert on failing & “finding your home“. what she means, might surprise you.

triangl bathing suits. i seriously cannot decide which one to get because I want them all.

my new white converse sneaks. a fresh upgrade on my brown ones for spring.


the innovation of google maps. seriously, think about it. navigation & gps apps now show you at least 3 driving routes, walking, bus, and transit options, AND the estimated time it takes in current traffic conditions. seriously. it’s insane. siri also knows that I’m driving to work most mornings and tells me how long it will take to get there. im pretty sure I never asked her to do that…

playing with your food is so NOT out, because this is just awesome. run for the kitchen.

this new Timeflies song ft. Katie Sky. gets me every time. so good.

speaking of music…this band, Budda Council, just launched their album on iTunes this past Tuesday. they’re from my hometown and one is a friend of mine. I promise I’m not biased, just completely impressed by their reggae talents. check them out!

my first concert of the spring/summer season: the Kerfunkel fest featuring SOJA & 311 with my usual concert-going hippie loves. both bands were seriously great.


these 5 ways to get happy…scientifically speaking. love this truth:

“All emotions are transitory. The key is understanding that happiness is fleeting. It comes and it goes. (The key then) is knowing how to ensure it comes more often (than not).” 


i really want to go see this movie documentary, co-produced by Katie Couric, called FED UP. “sugar affects the same part of your brain as cocaine – and could be as addictive. think about it, you can stay away from drugs, but everyone has to eat.”

watching orange is the new black on netflix. (you know, for all those once-in-a-blue moments, where I truly put everything away and do something brainless & relaxing).

all things warm weather-worthy: tanks, flip flops, shorts, juices, smoothies, iced coffees, ahhhh it’s here. 

and lastly, my #simplygrateful31 challenge. this gratitude stuff is no joke. when it comes to expressing it; when it rains, it pours.


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