“no habit is an accident” challenge: month 3 recap – #tolivelist

For starters, this month’s challenge was sometimes easy as pie and sometimes felt next to impossible.

I really enjoyed it & did ok with it, but if I’m being honest with myself, I don’t think I consistently did it as well as I could have for the entire month.

I also regret not doing a better job of posting/picturing each day’s challenge along the way. I started out doing it, and then just kind of fell off. I think it would have better held me accountable, been more fun, allowed you all to follow along, and be even-more challenging. Duly noted for next time.

I’m sure you’re all wondering what in the world my ever-loving coworkers put in that little baggie for me to draw out each morning & complete at some point during the day. Well here it is…


the #tolivelist day-by-day: 

day 1: make the #tolivelist draw bag (I hadn’t quite finished getting the challenge all together yet).

day 2: drive home a different way (Interesting. I had to pay attention a lot more. Makes you aware of how auto-pilot you can be when driving the same routes everyday. Definitely took me longer though. ha.)

day 3: submit a blog post to a publication you’d like to write for* (I wrote to Darling Magazine, and I was so happy to see they wrote back. They’re not accepting posts at the moment, but I’ll definitely stay in touch. I loved this one for giving me the push to do this.)

day 4: look at your planner/daily to-do list for 10 seconds then tear it up & only do what you remember*. (I read it early morning in my hotel, before the sun had even rose. After looking over my list, I realized how not pressing most of it was, so I took the time to go for a run down by the beautiful Old Towne Alexandria waterfront at dawn.)


day 5: read a biography* (I chose Muhammad Ali after my Landmark Forum leader had mentioned him earlier that day. His bio was awesome & I learned a lot. Made me wonder why I don’t look up people more often like this. Later in the month I also watched the Bob Marley documentary which was amazing.)


day 6: check your tire pressure (All good here. I had to ask for help just to double check. Anddd I did notice my state inspection is about to expire. eeeek. )

day 7: go commando (weeeeird one for me.)

day 8: check your horoscope (Easy. It was something semi-accurate. I forget to be honest).

day 9: send an email to someone in Vancouver saying “hello!”. (I wrote to the local social media guru for my company!).

day 10: take 5 minutes to be alone with your thoughts. (Much needed today. Took some deep breaths, repeated a mantra to slow down, & said a quick prayer.)

day 11: call your Dad & share your favorite childhood memory of him* (Easy. I loved the days of skiing on his shoulders, or side by side, while growing up out in the country of Pungo, VA on the Intracoastal Waterway. I had this picture to show, instead of just tell him.)


day 12: go visit your local library (Admittedly, I never did this :/).

day 13: learn an old school rap chorus (I looked up some Weezy, of course).

day 14: jam out to an old CD. (Easy, there’s a plethora still hanging in my car. :))

day 15: when someone asks “how are you”, respond with “better than I deserve”.

day 16: purge your Facebook friend list. (Hmm, honestly-having a lot of Facebook friends doesn’t really bother me because I’m semi-selective about accepting requests anyway. And I have pretty tight privacy settings. I’d actually like to add followers to this Facebook page. :) Definitely could use purging my phone contacts though. And my closet….)

day 17: eat whatever you want & don’t feel guilty about it. (Done and done. I think I know who put this one in there for me. :) Always a good reminder. Because food is fuel; food is for enjoyment. Not guilt. Whether too little or too much, learning to always be ok with enough is a daily practice.)

day 18: watch an animated movie (Wellll hello to “Lilo & Stitch” while doing laundry! Followed by some old school Saved by the Bell episodes. Does that count?)

day 19: pour some wine & read up on the region it came from* (I had a personal favorite, Lessee Fitch, a California Pinot Noir. Wine education..ohhh, how I’ve missed doing this.)

day 20: allow someone to plan each meal for you today. (Well it happened to be Easter, so a simple post-church breakfast & a big lasagna + birthday cake dinner it was! But I did tell my sister she was in charge. :))

day 21: find a DIY craft. (I’m filling a frame filled with old wine bottle corks, to use as a cork board for hanging things on!)

me? drink wine? never...

me? drink wine? never…

day 22: try a new cocktail. (I was drinking Fruitive juices this week. There’s a plethora of fruits & veggies in the mix, so that counts right? ;))


day 23: dress up today. (I literally went from from having to change out of my running clothes into a skirt and boots for the day. I think it actually improved my mood all day though. I need to do this more often. :))

day 24: plan a roommate/family dinner at home with the guys. (Ironically, we were all spending the whole day together at the Hunt Cup horse races the next day. And an awesome day it was…)


day 25: call the 3rd person in your contacts. (Mine was a random taxi number, so I chose to scroll three times, and stop at the 3rd person I pointed my finger to. it was my Mom’s best friend, and one of the coolest women I know, Gina.)

day 26: ask a boy out on a date (looks like it’s going down this week! ;))

day 27: play the lottery (I really didn’t want to do this one. I felt physically annoyed at the thought of having to do so. I have no idea why??? But that’s how I knew I had to do it. Ironically, my aunts on my Dad’s side of the family LOVE buying lotto tickets. It wasn’t as painful as I thought. Maybe I’ll even hit the jackpot!?)

day 28: metro into DC for the day & explore. (Sooo…two things. I actually drew this earlier in the month, but there was no way I could that particular day. The second time I drew it, I was supposed to headed down to DC that evening anyway, but then it got cancelled. An arguably unnecessary trip down to DC just wasn’t happenin’ this month. Ive been 3x as it is. So yes, I totally just bailed on this one. :( )

day 29: go rollerblading* (Duuuude, I’ve always freaking loved roller & ice skating. Does that make me a nerd? Or cool? I no longer have a pair, but I’ve been known to dress in them for Halloween. And thankfully, one of my coworkers has a pair that I’m wearing at work tomorrow. Stoked.)

our #awkwardfamilyphoto. gotta love a #lifeinluon.

our #awkwardfamilyphoto. gotta love a #lifeinluon.

day 30: go out to dinner alone and have the bartender order for you. (Well, tonight I am going out to dinner. But not alone. I’ll be sure to still have the bartender order for me and let you know how it turns out. Eeeek!! No substitutions, additions, or ‘on the side’ requests??? ;) )

*= one of my favorites


Even rewriting and reflecting on all of this just had a boost on my mood. Because you know what I don’t remember? Items on my to-do lists throughout the month. I think a light just went off in my head…amen to that.

Another one of my other biggest takeaways from the challenge was the realization that there are really SO many things we can invest our time & interest in. It’s good to be really honest with ourselves and take the time to evaluate what we’re most attached to and where we really invest most of our thoughts + energy. For example, having to go buy a lottery ticket was practically the bane of my existence. Yet, there are plenty of people who probably couldn’t go a day without buying one! Perspective & priorities. That’s another thing the #tolivelist pointed out to me. Because truly, where you invest your thoughts & actions, you invest your life. 

Thanks so much again to all my friends, family, & coworkers who supported & made this challenge happen for me. And for being honest enough to tell me I may have a ‘planning’ habit. ;) I love you all.

On to next month! Stay tuned!


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