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“no habit is an accident” challenge: month 3 – #tolivelist

month 2

month 2

My “no habit is an accident” challenge for month 3 was actually inspired by my ever-loving sisters and coworkers. Are you surprised? ;). They’ve all recently witnessed the over-scheduled nightmare, known as my planner, and suggested I give up the habit of planning. 


photo 3

I’d like to think I just have a strength in “organized chaos” and use my incessant post-its, planning, and to-do lists as a way to actually reduce anxiety and stress. Because if I think it, I ‘ink’ it. For me, it reduces the mental clutter and log jam that would otherwise inhibit me from being fully present (or so I think) to the task at hand. Besides, I fully embrace white-out rollers!!! Ok fineee–I actually can’t live without white-out rollers. But more often than not, I could be having actual downtime, instead of spending precious moments planning downtime.

image 2

So for this month, I’ll be exploring a different sort of ‘habit’. I’m implementing an addition to my morning routine, but one that will challenge my capacity to stop calculating, stop planning, stop controlling, and just let go. Less‘do’ing, more living.

So without further ado, my month 3 habit is tackling a daily, spontaneous #tolivelist. 

photo 4

“huh? how?” you ask? …

-I had some of my dear friends create 31 random ‘tasks’ for me to complete each day (it could be anything from taking a new route home from work, eating ice cream for breakfast, or wearing a shirt that says “life” and handing out lemons on a street corner. ha!)

-I have to randomly draw one out of a bag each morning (before even glancing at my real to-do list) and find a way to complete it by the end of the day.

day 2. simple enough!

day 2. simple enough!

-the catch: no cheating, no skipping, no peeking, no prepping, no passing, no half-assing. Just living it up, whatever it may be.

Join me &/or follow along as I post some of my #tolivelist tasks throughout the month here, on Instagram, & on Facebook.

thanks to my team for all their help & support on this one. :) l just hope no one put anything too crazy in there…





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