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on disorders, part 2

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about my feelings and experience on disorders. Lately I’ve been thinking about it again, but in the workplace. So today, I bring you part 2. It’s no surprise for some, but I work with a group of really interesting eaters.

Call it the nature of the biz, but a few coworkers just did a 3-day fruit cleanse, some have currently gone sans-alcohol, a handful are paleo, some eat only organic, one is an 80/20 vegan, we’ve got one who fasts for 16 hours at a time, there are vegetarians, meat-lovers half are currently obsessed with “oil pulling”, gluten-free is common lingo, most of us actually like drinking apple cider vinegar concoctions, green juices & kale shakes are often in tote, black coffee is the norm, and food ‘challenges‘ or ‘cleanses‘ are practically a weekly thing. We’re not exactly the easiest bunch to order catering for. 

For some, it’s overwhelming and ridiculous enough to make you cringe, cry, scream “WHY!“, or want to just dive head first into a box of take-out pizza. 

Sure, it’s arguably disordered.

But ya know what? We’re all pretty healthy, too. Really healthy, actually.

Yet what I love more than our “healthiness” is our embrace of the “disorder”. From the towers of chocolate cake and desserts, to the post-run cocktails, pre-yoga wine dates, all the slip-ups, rewards, and indulgent moments in between.


Because striving for moderation, balance, mindfulness, and self-love are always at the core of what we do. Nutritional knowledge, ingredient education, experimenting, and personal preference guide our way. Finding what fuels us, what moves us, what nurtures us is the goal. Some of us are sticklers for the tried-and-true, and some of us find variety to be the spice of life. Some of us really like Chick-fil-A, Nordstrom Cafe’s Fantasy Bars, or ZOE’s Kitchen Chocolate Chunk Cookies and some of us have a love affair with our juicer. We are a size 2 through 12; a men’s S through XL. We are yogis, cross-fitters, runners, sword-fighters, horse back riders, hikers, surfers, barre lovers, swimmers, elliptical crushers, kettlebell swingers, Jiu-Jitsu warriors, climbers, kick-boxers, ex-Marines, Tae-Bo champs, bikers, and group fitness explorers.

Sometimes we have two-a-days, too many consecutive workouts, or a long string of rest days. We compete, we do it for fun, we try, we fail, and we try again. We celebrate a lot and  we like to party.


IMG_2481 IMG_2471

We all eat, move, and reward a bit different, because we all are a bit different.

To be honest, a couple years ago, all the health-orexia hogwash would have sent me into an overwhelmed, anxious tail spin.

But with each new “healthy living” article that gets published, for each new diet fad that comes out, and whether each of my loving coworkers are next to me eating a cupcake, or drinking a juice, eating a steak, or eating quinoa, they’re all there to uplift, encourage, support, and have some real talk.

“Normal eating” is sometimes having too much, sometimes having too little, and sometimes having just enough. That’s what makes it just right. 

Call it simply complicated, but disorder is just a part of life. Try to control the disorder and it will own you.

The size of our Wunder Under Pants , whether our thighs touch, or the number we see on the scale do not define us. They are not who we are.

They are tiny matters that makeup the intrinsic greatness we all possess. The greatness of collaboration, the law of attraction, the passion behind our visions, the ecstasy of goal-crushing, and the magic of sharing a desire to elevate the world, beginning with ourselves.


That is our healthy slice of life.

So yes, I’ll take a bite of that disorder anyday.

And to put the icing on the cake…

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” (1 Timothy 4:18 NIV)

thanks to each of you that challenge and believe in me everyday. so much love.


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