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“no habit is an accident” challenge: month 2

Happy March! Spring is now only 19 days away (but who’s counting!?). A new month = a new habit to evaluate! Since last month’s challenge was about breaking a bad habit, I figured why not switch it up and take on forming a new, good habit.

month 1

month 2 | daily devotions

In case you didn’t notice, I tend to be a little complicated sometimes. ;) Recently, it’s been hard for me to read 1 book, in light of wanting to read ohhh, about 10 at a time. I also used to be really good about doing daily devotionals, but find I’ve been less than consistent with them. It’s easy to make excuses for things that get in the way–like early morning meetings, hitting the snooze button, going to a morning class, getting to bed early, staying up late doing work, traveling–whatever the reason may be, I somehow justify not fitting in a 10 minute block of time dedicated to just me and Him.

Then I came across this quote:

photo 2

And I thought, whoaaa, I definitely value my faith and I’m not even making time for it, let alone a priority.

So that’s that. My March 2014. 31 days of daily devotionals. Bring it on.


devo, coffee, & smoothie bowls.

There are no rules here–it can be a guided devotional (like Jesus Calling, Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dream, etc.) or just simply picking a book from the bible and reading a few chapters at a time. I also plan to keep a journal of various verses and thoughts that speak to me along the way.

Here’s some favorite words from today’s:

“The ultimate goal is not an outcome. It’s an outpouring of more Jesus in our lives. It’s experiencing intimacy with him in ways we never have before. It’s learning, growing, and letting Him transform us from the inside out.” -Holly Gerth

Join me! What will you prioritize this month? What habits will you break? What habits will you start?


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