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lately I’m loving…{a faith & wellness edition}


-this article, in Relevant Magazine, written by Malcolm Gladwell himself. it’s about how he “rediscovered his faith”, despite not intending to have any direct religious messages, when writing his latest book called, David and Goliath.  Some of his quotes and takeaways from it are too good not to share:

“The moral of the Biblical account of the duel between David and Goliath, after all, is that our preconceptions about where power and strength reside are false.” -Malcolm Gladwell

“I was interested in the  “weapons of the spirit”—the peculiar and inexplicable power that comes from within.”

“What I understand now is that I was one of those people who did not appreciate the weapons of the spirit. I have always been someone attracted to the quantifiable and the physical…I have always believed in God. I have grasped the logic of Christian faith. What I have had a hard time seeing is God’s power.” 

“Maybe we have difficulty seeing the weapons of the spirit because we don’t know where to look, or because we are distracted by the louder claims of material advantage. But I’ve seen them now, and I will never be
the same.”

-this simple but powerful video on “5 Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life” from Bob Goff. {for 5 additional ways & the full descriptions, see the full article, here.} Goff’s top ten:

1. don’t let anyone go to voicemail (you’ll learn a lot more by making yourself available). 2. don’t make appointments (why not meet now?) 3. be incredibly inefficient at love (its too convenient to be efficient at it). 4. don’t have a bible study (have a bible doing). 5. quit stuff. (you’ll create more margin in your life) 6. do what you’re made to do. (embrace your God-sized plan)  7. get more unschooled, ordinary friends. 8. jump the tracks. 9. crowd-surf each other. 10. take the next step. (don’t worry about all the other ones)

-learning to embrace a growth vs. fixed mindset, even when we I feel resistant.


-knowing that we all value authenticity, until it requires us me to be authentic & vulnerable. yet, faith is having the courage to do it anyway. 1557620_795091090506002_947940106_n


-Ayurvedic medicine. I’m sorry, Ayu-what!?!…

“Simply put, Ayurveda is a holistic medicine practice from India {thats been around for about 5,000+ years}. Physicians, or Vedas, determine your dosha (constitution) in order to offer dietary guidance, detox and balancing treatments (from massage to colonics), along with herbal and oil remedies.” -well + good

you can discover your dosha in a simple cheat-sheet, here.

-this article also gives recommendations for the right types of workouts, based on your dosha. I’m a Vata and love that this one recommends more barre & yoga. how ironically fitting. :)

love for dancers:

love for dancers:

dancers: the art of strength,  flexibility, and grace of movement.

the art of strength, flexibility, and grace of movement.

-this sample menu of food recommendations. as a Vata, it also just about perfectly depicts foods that I’ve always suspected throw me off when eaten out of balance or in abundance.

*but remember, I still (and you should, too) try to take everything you hear with a grain of salt. nobody knows your body better than you. to me, balance still means “everything in moderation, including moderation”, no matter what diet or lifestyle plan you’re trying to adhere to, and regardless of how long its been around or how proven it is.

for example, this article basically debunks everything you’ve ever read about green smoothies actually being good for you, and it’s also from an Ayurvedic perspective.  crazy, right? i’ll let you decide for yourself. do you. 


and when all else fails…


:) & <3,


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