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“no habit is an accident”: month 1, week 1 recap.

So 7 whole days sans incessant gum chewing later and well, I’m alive! Not only am I alive, but I’m actually feeling kind of…awesome.


But let’s not sugar coat this. The big, bad gum girl has been trying left and right to deter me and sucker me into noshing on piece.


;) All jokes aside, I’ve had some pretty telling discoveries.

Day 1 and 2 were the absolute hardest. I was dying for it already. I had post coffee breath, no water. Then it was post-brunch and mimosas with no toothbrushing in my near future. The lack of gum definitely had me snagging a couple more bites of friends’ french toast. Couple hours later, I went home. Kept eating. “Am I hungry? “Am I just used to the constant chewing? What’s going on? Whatever.” nom. nom. nom…

Day 3 &4. Yup, this is hard. Definitely used to an oral fixation. Starting to notice how addicted I am, but also just how habitual and ritualistic it is for me. Literally, without even thinking I’d want to grab a pieceInteresting. Went to a convenience store. No all-natural mints. Fail. Went to Whole Foods. No stupid Fennel Seeds.  Dam* it. Did I really even just ask for fennel seeds

Day 5. Yawwwwn. Can’t. stay. awake. Gah, gum has always gives me something to do. It’s also always signified the end of a meal for me.  I’ve always bought into the idea that my gum chewing is a restless, anxiety coping mechanism type of thing. But suddenly, I’m starting to think it actually just proliferates an anxious feeling. Because the stillness; the lack of exhausting jaw chomping is kind of, well…relaxing. 

Day 6. Drank a lot of water.  Thirst, hunger, and fullness started to become unexpectedly, blatantly clearer. Hungry. Got it. Full. Roger. Thirsty. Gulp. Starting to rethink the ways regular gum chewing can trick your body in weird ways.

Day 7. Woke up with a much flatter, calmer feeling tummy than usual. “Um, is this real life?” Has gum really been leaving me that bloated? sdfhgjksdfhgjksdfhgk.

You can ask my coworkers and friends, but I don’t think I’ve scared anyone away with the slightest bit of bad breath either. Drinking water, regular brushing, clean eats & LOTS of tea, peppermint chapstick, and some all-natural hard candies if I was absolutely dire have kept me in the clean. Oh and avoiding red onions. Because they’re the bad breath devil.

Week 1 down. 3 to go! Godspeed to moi. 


stay tuned! xo,


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One thought on ““no habit is an accident”: month 1, week 1 recap.

  1. You had me chuckling in this blog as you had some humor in your writing. So interesting about the gum and how much better you are feeling! I think I am a bit of a gum addict too now that I think about it. Keep up the great habit breaking!

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