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lately i’ve been loving…

1. “porridge” bowls (aka overnight oats) for breakfast. …oh wait, that’s not even new news for me. don’t knock it til you try it. its quite the time saving, healthy, and decadent-yes, I said decadent, morning ritual. But don’t say I didn’t warn you–if you start bringing it to the office every morning, you may find yourself being called “Goldilocks”, or G-lox, for short. {‘porridge’ is also encouraged by katheatsbuzzfeed, & mindbodygreen, etc… so I’m not that weird.}

2. this TEDx talk. feeling down about yourself? think you could stand to lose or gain a few lbs? take it from Lizzie Velasquez, labelled as “the world’s ugliest woman”. she suffers from a disease shared by only 2 other people in the world, that prevents her from gaining any weight and causes her to be blind in her right eye. Yet Lizzie says, “God sees her true beauty.” Now that’s perspective.

“you are the one that decides what defines you.” -Lizzie

3. produce advice from a 3rd grader’s science experiment. if I’ve ever doubted needing to buy organic vs. conventional, I think I’m now convinced. no need to get all crazy anal with it, but here’s one of many cheat sheets for your next shopping trip:


4. Marc Jacobs’ new line of nail polishes. all of the shades are pretty amazing but I love the iridescent effect of the “Sally” one.

5. spinning. these classes are no joke. I don’t think anyone loves sitting uncomfortably on a tiny little seat for an hour peddling away, but when you have the right combo of instructor, music, and setting, it can be a total mind body workout that leaves you sweaty, challenged, exhausted, and accomplished all at the same time. (Wow, longest sentence ever. ^) Besides it’s better than running outside in sub-freezing temps or laboring away on an old school treadmill.


6. this mash-up by DJ Robin Skouteris is absolutely insane. its like a 10 min soundtrack that flawlessly incorporates every top hit of 2013.

7. taking up the hobby of painting.. even though I have no clue how or what I’m doing. but when paired with candles and some classical music, it’s literally a vacation for your mind.


8. the latest “Bust a Move” line from lululemon. its’ cross-functionality is simply impressive.


9. this buzz feed article on the 20 signs you’re addicted to “barre” method workouts. Ha! …i also enrolled in my first ever fitness certification this weekend, to become a barre instructor with “Soul Body” barre! more details to come, but it was a killer first day. tackling my 2014 goals, 1 at a time!


10. embracing these 3 acts of bravery. be fearless. <–that’s my boss’  friend’s mantra for 2k14, and I’m digging it.

“There’s great intrigue in disorder and spontaneity. The human mind actually needs new, unfamiliar activities to thrive. It stimulates brain activities and creates new neuropathways. Yes, new paths in your brain actually mean new paths in your life!”

11. whole magazine. shared with me by my sister. I think I might try to submit & contribute an article to them.

12. the incredible support I’ve received lately from family, friends, and coworkers when reaching out to them. feeling pretty darn grateful. sharing really is caring. 

lotsandlotsandlots of love,


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