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2014 intentions & goals

setting intentions > making resolutions.

setting goals > should’ve, could’ve, would’ve.

I’ve got big things in store for 2014. It’s a lot, but I think it’s manageable. Besides I’ve got this post, about 5 journals, the right friends and family members, and YOU to hold me accountable.


-Never stop creating & exploring. | Over the years, I’ve come to realize this is when I am happiest. This is when I’m vibrant and feel most alive. When I’m engaged, appreciative, gratuitous, and making things happen. 

bob goff love does things sck

-Simple. Easy. FUN. | A new mantra & personal filter for everything I do. I incorporate having a good time, finding the silver lining, and asking myself the question: “why so serious?” I become a minimalist at heart. I pack more smiles & laughter into each day simply because they’re good for the soul. I even added “all around funster” to part of my email signature at work as a constant reminder. 


-I s l o w d o w n and stop rushing. | Because it’s not like I’m ever going to win an award or make a buck for being the world’s fastest breakfast maker, tooth brusher, or mall speed walker. Be present, enjoy the moment, and take it one thing at a time. 

-I don’t attach importance to things that really aren’t all that important. | I give my perfectionism a rest, I stop controlling, I stop being my own worst critic, I don’t sweat the small stuff, and I don’t hold on to some idealized view of how it should be‘. I embrace what is, as it is, for whatever it is. I ask myself: “will this really matter a week, a day, or even a couple of hours from now?” *Thanks to my brother-in-law for a truly enlightening conversation on this. 

-I practice self-love everyday and use the following declarations to keep me in check: | I am strong and able. I allow spontaneity, fun, & imperfection. I choose happiness and peace. I give love and patience. I am grounded. 



-My workouts are consistent, varied, and efficient. | I average 33% cardio, 33% strength training, 33% yoga/barre/other each week. I leave time for mobility/stretching, meditating/breathing, and REST. No major diet changes, I simply eat + enjoy what I’ve come to learn works for me.

-I unplug 1 day/week. | I love me some social media but sometimes a girl needs to look at the world and not a screen. 

-I don’t eat or bring my computer into bed with me at night. Ever. | If I need to eat, I need to eat. If I need to do work, I need to do work. But if I’m heading towards the bed for any of that, I simply just need to sleep. I know I function best with adequate rest and both of those things will just keep me from getting enough of it.

-I attend church every Sunday I’m in town and not working. | My faith is what grounds me and I’m committed to growing it. I will also complete a 40 Day Devotional to kick off the New Year.

-I drink a glass of water before every meal. | Especially in the morning. This one small addition to my day makes a huge impact. 

-I travel to a new country. | St. John?? I also throw lots of other small ventures in the mix. Like taking a long weekend and heading to the mountains for a reunion with all my best girl friends from college. 

-I cook more {like really, actually cook}. | I will about prepare ~1 recipe/week from the amazing Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook my grandmother gave me for Christmas. 

-Career. | I continue growing and developing in my current role while uplifting those around me. I continue to educate myself on communications, social media, and people development. I partake in the new store opening for lululemon athletica in Virginia Beach. In what capacity, I’m not sure yet. But I know I am no longer living in my current apartment by this time next year. I will also own my blog domain, make some professional updates to it, and start-up a small business venture within it. But simply complicated’s core messages & voice will remain the same. 

-Relationships. | They’re my priority. Family, friends, loved ones, and coworkers can count on me. I’m integral, loyal, open, vulnerable, and compassionate. 

fanny brice be you-sky quote -sck


To be clear, I am flawed and I already know there will be plenty from this montage that won’t be ‘perfectly’ executed each day. But I will persist, I will forgive, I will learn, and I will stay on track.


I don’t doubt there will also be heartbreak, setbacks, chaos, and mistakes. But amidst all of my intended ‘plans’ I know it’s going to be a great year. Through Him, my faith is bigger than my fear. 

proverbs 169 stairs sck

so in summary…

kaits fourteen for 2014 w anchor

I‘d love to hear…what are your intentions & goals? 

cheers to 2014! with love,


6 thoughts on “2014 intentions & goals

  1. Cheers to a great 2014 and reaching your goals! I love how you take the time to think them through and confess them…….that’s faith and determination! Two very important traits to really make it happen!!

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