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2013 in review

I really enjoyed re-reading my 2012 in review + my intentions for ringing in 2013 right. I’m telling you, blogging is such a way to reflect! So without further ado, here went 2013…

-it started with one of my most fun NYE & New Year’s Day celebrations to date (as a brunette, mind you)…

735153_10151376837946900_818110720_n 13646_10151376838021900_691740896_n

-went to a plethora (but not all) of my older sister’s engagement, bridal, and couples’ showers


-I watched my little sister graduate from high school (as an All-American, no less) and move on to playing D1 field hockey on a full scholarship. Such proud visits these were…

IMG_1530 IMG_1532 IMG_4542

-then somewhere along the way I adopted a pescetarian lifestyle {a vegetarian plus fish/seafood diet}

salmon & scallops

salmon & scallops

-as maid of honor, I hosted my older sister’s Bachelorette party for 13 girls in Baltimore


-I ran a 10k, half-marathon, marathon team relay, and did more workouts than need be recalled. I also did a lot of yoga in some really cool places and became addicted to “barre” method workouts at a certain local studio.


IMG_0713 IMG_0815

IMG_30321384002_10202268880067614_217695994_nIMG_3554 IMG_3632 IMG_3775 IMG_3958


-I completed personal challenges on: saying “yes”, learning “how to“, setting a daily intention, not eating sugar, finding my ‘happy’, and choosing  not to do “the whole life challenge”.

-I went to Charlotte for my cousin’s wedding and inherited an amazing cousin-in-law that feels more like a sister.


-Then I watched my older sister marry her best friend and the love of her life. So I also inherited an incredible brother-in-law, whose extended family is just more icing on the cake.

IMG_2420 IMG_3838

-went to Charlotte, Columbus, Virginia Beach, Vancouver, and NYC (4 times), including going to the Hamptons and catching the NYC marathon.

-attended a 3-day personal development forum, known as Landmark, thanks to my company’s generosity & belief in it

-had an incredibly  blessed 24th birthday celebration with close friends and coworkers at a delicious gourmet Italian pizzeria & wine bar


-dressed up as Curious George, alongside my Man in the Yellow Hat, to celebrate Halloween


-was supposed to get my wisdom teeth taken out (had it scheduled twice) but suffered from a vasogal response from the anesthesia and couldn’t go through with it. definitely a reminder to take care of myself. never a bad thing.

-read at least 10 books, including another all-time personal favorite: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

-went to concerts for: Badfish, John Butler Trio, SOJA, Timeflies, Sammy Adams, Matisyahu, Rebelution, two ‘First Thursdays’ outdoor concert series, & more.


Sammy Adams.IMG_1403 IMG_1453IMG_2648 IMG_2822 IMG_2823 IMG_3078 IMG_3828

-crashed a wedding {kind of} ;)


party ROCK.

-went to Nationals, Orioles, and Ravens games

Orioles v. Phillies

Orioles v. Phillies

IMG_3174 IMG_3915

-created the simply complicated manifesto:


-overslept about 4 times (including missing the Color Run), got a boot on my car, an embarrassingly large number of parking tickets, and multiple traffic-camera tickets. hey…just the gifts of imperfection, right people!?

-saw a lot of matinees with a best guy friend. ’tis one way to have the theatre all to yourself!


can't beat movie theaters with a bar & movie themed cocktails.

can’t beat movie theaters with a bar & movie themed cocktails.

-ran a half marathon, climbed a mountain, toured the lululemon headquarters and all over Vancouver, BC.


beerlinis/fugly’s…best drink ever.


kitsilano…where lululemon was born and is headquarted.

IMG_2912 IMG_2964 IMG_3079 IMG_3010

-got a promotion, transferred stores, and was part of a new store opening for lululemon athletica



-…and got to experience countless moments of pure joy, making an impact with & on the lives of others along the way.




-wrote my most blog posts in a year to date (62 total). my post on  july ’13 challenge: week 2 recap and the Landmark Forum was the most viewed. and in 2013, my blog was viewed a total of 9,100 times (or the equivalent of 3 sold out performances at the Sydney Opera house) ;).

-baked, cooked, and burned my fair share of goodies. my post on secret peanut butter cookies (vegan, gluten free) was the most popular.

-i explored & checked off multiple new places, restaurants, and venues from my local “to-go” list.

-got the chills every time I caught sunrises and sunsets like this. constant reminders of His presence our lives…and of something so much bigger than me.



IMG_3557 IMG_3736

-It ended with a truly blessed Christmas, and although brief, time well spent at home with the family.

IMG_5726 IMG_5780

Of course, these are all just the highlights, and I could go on, but in favor of keeping it simple… I’ll just say:

all thanks be to Him for a truly abundant 2013.


2014 goals, intentions, and ‘resolutions’ coming soon! Let’s #Grind {Get ready it’s a new day}.

2014 custom planner by May Designs.

2014 custom planner by May Designs.

have a very happy new year’s!


4 thoughts on “2013 in review

  1. I loved all the pictures! What an exciting year indeed! May all your dreams come true in the upcoming year! Happy New Year 2014!!!

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