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lately I’m loving…

apparently i’m loving mostly food this week…
-i had no idea that microwaving popcorn bags could pose a toxic health risk. did you!? ill definitely take that with a grain of salt!
-these junk food alternatives…or glorified health foods? either way, i’ll take the latter.
-in case you weren’t sure…this hilarious article shows you what “hangry” people do. literally laughing out loud over here.
-may designs’ custom notebooks, calendars, and more. i told you, I’m forever attracted to shiny, pretty, new things. but especially journals & calendars. #toomanyoptions
grind = get ready its a new day

grind = get ready its a new day

-this video on the sh!t runners say. #truth

-darling magazine. i’m seriously digging it. each issue is more like a book, or a work of art, than a magazine. the content of the articles and the quality of the writing in them is unparalleled. plus, what’s not to love about their mission statement?
-…and enjoying some quiet time reading issue no. 5 near a freshly lit new capri blue candle
-theo peppermint stick dark chocolate. i find it amazing that i used to be repulsed by darker chocolates and the whole mint/cocoa combo.
-registering for the cupids undie run in February. you can donate to my team, 100% in support of The Children’s Tumor Foundation here! :)
-new ways I’m sweating:
-at sky zone indoor trampoline parks
-baptiste-style yoga classes at a local studio called SidYoga. they kick my ass every time.
-”warrior sculpt” yoga classes (hot yoga w. added hand weights. it’s no joke.)
-and checking out various barre classes
-taking time to cook meals & experiment in the kitchen again.
quinoa, chickpea, and veggie stuffed acorn squash
greek yogurt and almond milk with raw oats, chia seeds, blueberries, PB2 peanut butter, fig chutney, and purely elizabeth granola.
open faced “bruschetta sandwich” on whole grain  with spreadable cheese, spinach, hummus, and avocado
egg white pumpkin oatmeal w. golden raisins and purely elizabeth granola
-the cook’s palette blog and a foodie quote on it that I came across tonight:
“That since we must eat to live, we might as well do it with both grace and gusto.” - M.F.K. Fisher
and that’s a wrap for this week. i’m stuffed! ;)
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3 thoughts on “lately I’m loving…

    • Sid and his fiancé, Lindsay, run the two studio locations (Towson and now Federal Hill) and they are both amazing people! Its the Baptiste style power vinyasa flow. Its challenging and always heated! There are two options…the hour of power, and a longer 90 minute class format. I recommend both and let me know if you’re ever going to check it out or have more questions! ;)

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