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confessions of a novelty junkie

I don’t know what it is about the month of November that always has me craving novelty.

novelty |ˈnävəltē|noun ( pl. novelties )1 the quality of being new, original, or unusual.• a new or unfamiliar thing or experience.• [ as modifier ] denoting something intended to be amusing as a result of its new or unusual quality.

The same thing happened last year, and I took it out by doing a self-imposed Newvember Challenge {doing something new each day of the month}. The fact that I  can look back and see the result of that challenge was me learning that sometimes something old is even better than something new, is part of why I love having a blog so much. That little bit of reflection is key. 

But since November is also largely a month of practicing gratitude, and people have been posting about it left and right, it has really brought that aspect front and center for me.

f57c4f9d88f6186697550a2f7202e246Because new & shiny is good. Trust me, it is so so good. And i loooove it. Ask any of my coworkers, I’m like a moth to a flame any time we get something new in at work. New restaurant on the corner? Reservations made. New variety? I want it. New flavor? I’ve tried it.


Similar to an adrenaline junkie, sometimes I feel like a newness junkie. I seem to need my fix and something about the cold weather brings it right out of me.

But, new becomes old very quickly, too. Yet those things we choose to cherish, those things we choose to invest in and make timeless, those grateful behaviors we continue to practice…will always be far more satisfying.

I don’t think I will ever stop craving new. I don’t think I will ever stop seeking new challenges new territories or unchartered waters. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But something about this year has also given me a soft spot for the familiar.

For those old family traditions. For my tried-and-true favorite winter snowboots. For that old cotton sweatshirt I know I can curl right up in. For that class with my favorite yoga instructor that always leaves me with a full mind-body connection. For the friends I’ve lost touch with and the family members whose numbers I haven’t dialed near enough.

Those familiar, perennial things that will always make appreciation & happiness abound naturally.

So I’m separating enjoying the new from being possessed by or desperately needing the new. 

I’m focusing on quality. I’m focusing on the art of presence. I’m focusing on engagement. I’m focusing on what I have.

Because gratitude always turns what we have into enough.

Whether new or old.

…so staying true to that? now that’s my real challenge this November.



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