on saying “yes”

A coworker shared this  picture-gram with some of us today and it ended up being exactly what I needed to hear.


It also made me think about how I haven’t posted in a little while. Mostly in part because I’ve been really busy, but also because I let some of my perfectionism and doubt get in the way. …Shocker, I know.

Why write a post? Who cares to listen anyway? What do I know? What authority do I have?

Well here’s the thing: I don’t.

But that’s not why I write. I write to be real. I write because I really am simply complicated and sometimes I need to sort things out of my crazy head. I write to share, and that I do know.


I also know that life always seems to get a little better when you do all you can to de-complicate it.

When you simply say yes to life… it has a funny way of saying yes right back to you.

I know this because I’ve been making this month all about saying “yes”.


Yes, I’m arguably doing too much “burning the candle” at both ends because I feel absolutely beat at the end of the day. But so far, I wouldn’t trade a single one of the experiences its rewarded me with.

It’s surprisingly hard to stop weighing the pros/cons, bigger-better-deals, and mulling over the “should I? could I? what if?” scenarios.

But what if you just did? Because, it’s also surprisingly easy to just say yes and go with it.

Though I should warn you, saying “yes” also comes with another integral part…commitment.

When you say yes, its on your integrity to show up, and that might sound scary.

But here’s the thing most people miss. It doesn’t always have to be pretty. It doesn’t always have to be perfect. You just have to be there. As full as you are in that moment. Nothing more, nothing less.


So far, in my journey of saying “yes”, I’ve done the following (just to name a few):

joined a book club and am almost done with Ruiz’s The Four Agreements

gone on date(s) with someone much older than me

booked flights to Vancouver and Charlotte, NC


took an impulse trip home to surprise my family for my sister’s engagement party


tried Ethiopian food and ate it in candlelight with friends

met-up with old friends for dinner/drinks outside of my city

met new friends that I already know will be long-time ones

shared my blog with a few new people

signed up for a half-marathon, 10K, and the color run.


decided to join coworkers on a personal revolution/yoga journal/no-sugar cleanse (more on that later…)

tried over 5 new restaurants

went to a Mary Poppins themed Symphony Orchestra performance

organized a complimentary dance-fitness class for a non-profit organization


volunteered to do a demo for a new paddle-boarding yoga-inspired fitness class…at 5:30 in the morning.


am now a brand ambassador for a local company (B’more Organic)

& worked in two nearby area locations other than my home-base….

happy. thank you. (YES) more, please.



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